Neil and Avni to unite in Naamkarann


Neil comes home drunk. He comes home with Riya. Shweta and Bebe get angry on Avni. Shweta asks Avni to see Neil is drunk, this is because of Avni’s doings. Shweta blames Avni for ruining Avni’s life. Shweta asks Bebe to praise Avni now. She scolds Avni and asks her to stay away from Neil. Bebe asks Avni to prove her innocence, why is she listening to people if she did not do anything. Avni thinks to go and find proof of her innocence. Kareena and Amol get food for her. Avni decides to prove her innocence. Kareena says we both care for you and got food, have food, we are with you. Shweta insults Avni. Avni takes a decision to leave home. Shweta says Avni did not get any proof of her purity, how can we believe her.

Neil prays for Avni’s return. Its a dramatic scene. Riya’s truth came out in front of everyone. Neil tells everyone that Avni is innocent. He asks his family how can they defame Avni and ask her such questions, without getting their facts right. He blames them for making Avni away from him. He asks them did they get peace now after defaming their own bahu. He plays the video of Riya and him. He explains that he was not wrong in the video, but he is looking wrong in the video, same way Avni is also innocent. Bebe understands Neil. He argues with his family and makes them realize their mistake. Bebe regrets and feels guilty that Avni left home because of her. She apologizes. Neil asks her to apologize to Avni. Neil says its good you all realized the mistake.

Neil gets a surprise when Avni comes back home. Neil cries and hugs Avni. Neil and his family get happy seeing Avni, who came back as Neil’s hope and love. Avni was leaving from Neil’s life forever, but Neela got her back. Bebe apologizes to Avni. All the blames got clear. Bebe makes Shweta apologize to Avni. Shweta too apologizes to Avni. Bebe gets angry on Shweta. Avni feels love for Neil. She respects him after he took a stand for her.


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