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Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Avni is in dilemma. She does not want to stay away from Neil. She has Neil in her heart. She gets worried seeing Neil and her divorce papers. Avni cries, not realizing her feelings. Neil’s memories shakes her thinking. Avni was thinking everything got over if she gives divorce to Neil. She feels like something is getting away from her, which matters to her the most. She fears to get away from Neil. She thinks if she is in love with Neil. She thinks to tear the papers.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon:
Advay enters Chandni’s house. She argues with him. She says you got an entry in my house and now you want my room, what do you really want. Advay says I want you. She gets a shock when he proposes her for marriage. He asks will you marry me, you can take time and answer me. Chandni asks him to hear her answer before going.

Saathiya: Jaggi punishes Bhavani and Sameera. They try to hide from Jaggi. Jaggi asks Sameera to come out. Bhavani gets freed by his trap, but Sameera and Pinku get caught. Jaggi shows the knife to Sameera and scares her. Sameera asks Pinku to run away. Jaggi threatens to kill her.

Bhavani tries to run away, but gets caught by family. Police is called by the family. Jaggi pulls their leg and troubles them. Jaggi and Dharam make them dance a lot. They are angry on Bhavani for making such plans. Police comes and arrests Bhavani, Sameera and Pinku. Gopi and Kokila thank the Lord for giving them a happy family. They have won all relations. Kokila says this house has all our memories, every wall has many moments. They all have a happy union and celebrate together in Ricky and Sita’s marriage.


Gauri asks Omkara to calm the baby. The baby keeps on crying. Gauri consoles the baby. She sings a lullaby for the baby. Omkara gets surprised seeing the baby liking Gauri’s company. The baby brings freshness at home. Omkara says I thought singing and dancing will not pacify the baby. Everyone gets attached to the baby. They all start loving and caring. They all try their hand in baby management. Gauri and Omkara argue.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naksh sheds tears thinking of his alliance with Kirti. Naksh decides to meet Kirti and know what’s in her heart. He gets worried with both families’ terms getting bad. Naira argues with Baisa, and tells her that Naksh and Kirti’s happiness matters to her. Baisa says this matter will not end if you say, if Kirti and Naksh get married, this will affect your and Kartik’s relation too.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Ishita prepares for her Karwachauth fast. She goes to break her fast, when Aaliya tells about the moon appearing in the sky. Shagun comes between Raman and Ishita. Shagun will be seeing staying as Raman’s wife post Mani’s shocking murder.


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