New entry to break love harmony in Chandrakanta

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Maharaj Jai Singh and Maharani get thankful to Virendra for saving them and their kingdom. Maharaj happily announces Chandrakanta and Virendra’s marriage, which brings joy in everyone’s lives. Chandrakanta and Virendra are going to get married. She gets Virendra’s name mehendi in her hands. The Ayyars dance in the function. Chandrakanta is very happy. She is getting engaged to Virendra. The pre marriage functions bring happiness in both families. Virendra and Chandrakanta exchange the rings. Chandrakanta sees the tilismi mehendi in her hands. Virendra meets Chandrakanta in her mehendi function. Chandrakanta asks him to leave, as he is not allowed in ladies’ functions.

There will be twists between the marriage functions. A new entry comes in the palace as mehendi designer. She wants to break Chandrakanta and Virendra’s relation. She plans to hypnotize Virendra and take him along. The evil lady enters the palace in disguise. She asks the maids about Virendra’s room. She goes to meet Virendra, while Chapla observes her. Virendra and Chandrakanta’s love is strong, but even the negative vamp is powerful. She aims to use her beauty and control Virendra. Will Virendra get away from Chandrakanta? Keep reading.






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