Oberoi brothers to accept the baby in Ishqbaaz


The baby secret comes out. Shivay, Omkara and Rudra reveal about the baby, after their lady loves were doubting on them. Everyone pampers the baby. Dadi and elders take the baby in lap. Pinky asks them whose baby is this. She blames Omkara and Rudra to be behind this conspiracy, as Shivay can never do something awful. Shivay says we really don’t know about the baby. Dadi takes care of the baby. She asks everyone to look after the baby till they find baby’s dad. The brothers decide to go for a DNA test, after the family believes that either of them is the baby’s dad. Doctor is called there. Dadi asks everyone to be quiet now. Tej asks Pinky not to point to her sons. Shakti says elders should not argue, Shivay, Rudra and Omkara will manage, its their matter.

Dadi gets angry on everyone. Shivay sees them arguing and stops them. He says there is a solution for every problem. He asks them to calm, they will find a probable solution, the are not asking anyone’s help. He asks them to understand well, and stop fighting to break family’s harmony. Rudra says the doctor can’t inject the baby, it will hurt the baby. Shivay does not let doctor take the blood sample of the baby. Shivay says child’s dad does not matter, we are lucky to get this baby, now this baby is ours. The brothers take the baby’s responsibility on them. Shivay takes the baby in lap. The brothers accept the baby. Shivay says we will face this matter maturely. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya get surprised with their move. The guys expect their partners to accept the baby as well.


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