Tej creates a rift between Jhanvi-Pinky in Ishqbaaz


Shivay sends Omkara to stop Gauri and others at the door. Omkara does not let Gauri enter the room. Gauri tries to spy on him. Omkara lies that he is busy in work. Bhavya questions Omkara on the work which they all are doing. Omkara says we are making Rudra work. Omkara acts sweet to Anika and asks her not to shower questions on him, he will send Shivay to talk to her. Bhavya finds the matter serious. Their lies make Anika worry. Shivay asks Omkara why did he lie about his health. Shivay attends Anika and shows his attitude to keep her at bay. Anika gets doubtful of their activity.

Omkara says we have to hide this till we know truth. Rudra plays with the baby. Shivay asks Rudra to get serious. Rudra says we would have known his father if he said something. They doubt on Omkara. Omkara does not believe it. Shivay clears his name from the matter. They find baby’s eyes similar to Shivay’s. Shivay says this can’t be my child. Rudra asks him to recall how did this baby happen. Pinky thinks Jhanvi and Tej had an argument. Jhanvi scolds Pinky for making her against Tej and breaking their family. She warns Pinky to stop doing such cheap things. Tej plays safe and wins Jhanvi’s trust.


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