Kiran-Bala to help Bhallas in bad times in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Adi gets into an argument with Aaliya. She calls him selfish. She asks him not to show fake sympathy, as his plan to save Raman has failed after Shagun lost her memory. Bala asks them to stop fighting and thinks for Raman and Shagun. He asks them to have some shame and keep their differences aside, to think of handling Shagun. Adi assures Bala that he will help Shagun in recovering her memory. Doctor tells them about Shagun’s loss of memory. Bala learns that Shagun’s memory revival can take much time.

Doctor asks them not to give mental stress to Shagun. Shagun thinks she is living in with Ashok. She asks Aaliya to call Ashok and inform him about her state. They all try to know what all Shagun forgot and what she remembers. Doctor asks them to call Raman and Ashok, whom Shagun remembers. She advises them to get Raman bailed and meet Shagun. Bala thinks to take Kiran’s help in getting Raman’s bail. Adi has one relief that Shagun does not remember anything about that unfortunate night. Iyers are not happy with Kiran bonding with kids. Bala asks Kiran to help him in Raman’s case. Kiran helps Bala and Raman. Bala gets indebted to Kiran.


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