Naren and Pooja get a surprise in Piyaa Albela


Pooja and Naren got married. Supriya accepts Pooja as her bahu. She does Pooja’s grah pravesh. Naren’s father refuses to bless the newly weds. He gets back when Pooja tries to seek his blessings. Supriya and Naren comfort Pooja with their support. They all get a shock when Surbhi and Rahul come home, married. Rahul has married Surbhi, as he always wanted. Naren left Surbhi alone in the mandap. Rahul is not a good person.

Rahul’s mum gets the house keys. Naren is sure that things will change at home. Surbhi has become Naren’s Bhabhi now. Surbhi is angry that Naren did not marry her for Pooja’s sake. She will try to plot against Naren and Pooja. The couple got together by Naren’s wish to help out Pooja. Naren could not bear her humiliation and supported her in her bad time. Surbhi and Rahul will be trying to take over the house. Naren does not get a good welcome home. He was surprised seeing Surbhi and Rahul married. Supriya tries to set few things right. Pooja is glad to have Supriya with her.


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