Pooja and Naren to find solace in Piyaa Albela


Bua refuses to do Pooja’s grah pravesh. Supriya gets keen to do her bahu’s Grah pravesh. Bua says just Surbhi is the bahu of this house, Pooja was eyeing the boys of this house, she is characterless, I will not bear her stepping in my house, she has trapped innocent Naren. She asks anyone to do Grah Pravesh of they want. Naren’s dad can’t believe Pooja cheated them by her games. He says I trusted her as my daughter and did not know she will play such games. Supriya and Naren support Pooja. Supriya asks other to get back if they don’t want to welcome Pooja. Bua does not want Pooja to succeed in her motives.

Naren takes Pooja inside the house. Bua asks Neelima to decide everything as she holds the house keys. Neelima gives some small bowls for Pooja’s rasam, while Supriya wanted to do Pooja’s rasam in silver utensils. Neelima makes it clear that Surbhi has saved all of them, so just she will be getting special attention and respect in their house. Pooja cries in her room, while Naren tries to comfort her. They have a moment of sharing each other’s sorrow and understanding. Naren eases her stay. Pooja gets touched by his gesture. They find peace in each other’s presence.



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