Shivam decides to keep up his marriage in Mere Angne Mein

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Kaushalya does a mock suicide act to get Shivam back home. She sends the threatening video to Shivam, which makes him worried. He leaves for home, but gets late. Fortunately, Golu Singh stops Kaushalya from attempting suicide. Kaushalya gets glad finding Shivam home. Shanti and Kaushalya insist him to get rid of Charni/Aarti, and tell him about Aarti’s first marriage. They tell him how bad things they got to know about Aarti by her first husband Ajay. Shivam learns that Aarti is a divorcee. He does not believe Aarti is characterless. He asks his family how can they believe Ajay, despite seeing Aarti’s nature for some many days. He shows his belief in Aarti. He does not want anyone to point at Aarti.

Aarti too insists him to break the marriage. Shanti and Kaushalya force him to end his marriage by wiping off Aarti’s sindoor. Shivam prefers to keep his marriage with Aarti, believing his daughter can’t get any better mum than Aarti. He asks Aarti to look after the baby and stay in his house, which will be usual thing for her, as she has no home to stay now. Aarti prefers to die than keeping the marriage. Chandra finds out the problems between Shivam and Aarti. He finds the family environment getting worse and thinks to do something to balance harmony again. Will Shivam and Chandra find out Ajay’s truth and expose his lies? Keep reading.


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