Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Udaan: Imli’s godh bharai function will be seen. Suraj and Vivaan dance with their partners. Bhaiya ji’s family celebrates happiness. They all look forward to welcome the new member in their family. They have a happy moment after long time. Bhaiya ji does not want Suraj and Chakor to remarry. He knows Chakor will not let Suraj fulfill his motives. He finds ways to separate Suraj and Chakor.

Dil Se Dil Tak:


Teni and Aman’s haldi ceremony brings happiness. Shorvori applies haldi to Teni. Teni does not want to marry Aman. Aman dances with everyone and is very happy. Teni is tensed as she feels sick by haldi smell. Everyone thinks Teni is Shorvori’s younger sister. Shorvori stops Teni from vomiting, as everyone can know that Teni is pregnant. Parth and Shorvori try to cover up Teni’s state. Parth takes Teni to her room by making excuse. Parth learns Teni’s feelings for him. He is not able to share this from Shorvori. He can’t even hide it. He knows Aman is not Teni’s choice. He tries telling Teni that Aman is the right guy for her, and wants her to marry Aman.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Sameer and Anjali have a party at home. Anjali calls Sameer’s friends. Sameer wants to insult the Bharadwaj family. He gets Sanjana and Anjali on his side. He irritates everyone. Sameer tells the guests about his wives, who are very much opposite. Sameer dances with Anjali. Sameer sees his friend misbehaving with Sanjana and does not react. Aarav gets angry on that guy and beats him. Piyush confronts Sameer for not defending his wife’s respect. Piyush throws the guests out of the house. Sanjana stops her brothers from scolding Sameer. She does not want her plan to fail.

Devanshi’s Shraddh is kept. Vardaan does the arrangements. Pandit sees Devanshi’s picture and refuses to do the puja. The pot breaks. He tells about the abshagun. He says either the soul did not leave the body, or maybe the soul did not forgive you all. Pandit tells them that he has seen such an inauspicious sign for the first time. Kusum says now Vardaan and Menka can’t marry. Menka asks how can they believe anyone. Kusum says whatever, if this is really true, then Menka and Vardaan’s marriage will be legally wrong. She asks Menka to forget Vardaan now, as she can’t risk his life for her.

Swabhimaan: Pushpa has come back to Chauhan house. She knows Sandhya’s truth. Sandhya gets worried seeing her. Sandhya has hidden her secret. Pushpa blackmails Sandhya and reminds her promise that she will get Karan married to her daughter Saavri. She gets her daughter home. Meghna was finding Pushpa in Chittorgarh. She is Karan’s Maasi. Karan and Naina are coming closer. Karan compliments Naina. Their love story is getting completed. Saavri’s entry will be the biggest danger for their relation.


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