Kartik fears for Kirti’s happiness in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Kartik unfolds the truth to Naksh shockingly

Manish calls Naitik and fixes a meeting. Manish asks Dadi if they should talk about mahurat or not. Dadi is hurrying things. She does not want anything to go wrong. Dadi tells Kartik that she has seen much world, delaying is bad in some matters. Kartik says even hurrying is bad. Dadi gets angry on Naira and thinks Naira has instigated Kartik. Kartik explains Dadi to wait for some time, till Naksh and Kirti know each other. Naira agrees with Dadi. Kartik asks them to do anything they want. Naira faces his annoyance. The family relations suffer by conflict in their opinions. Kartik says we can keep the marriage even next year. Dadi says I just want Kirti’s happiness, nothing else, I will not listen to anyone this time.

Kartik asks them to go ahead and meet Singhanias, but he is not ready for this and he will not come along with them to talk. He is troubled as he feels everyone is hurrying. He wants Naksh and Kirti to be sure of their feelings, as they are just familiar with each other, they don’t have any strong feelings for each other. He explains Naira to understand him, he also wishes the best for Kirti. He cares for his sister, and feels Dadi’s step can go wrong. He tells her that he is not able to forget what happened with Kirti before. He hopes Naira’s belief is right.


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