Love confession time in Piyaa Albela


Naren and Pooja have a romantic moment. Naren turns into a poet to praise her beauty. Pooja does not understand anything, but she feels happy. Pooja is his inspiration. Naren loves Pooja. His romantic side will be seen. She laughs on his complex poetry. He gets annoyed with her. Pooja apologizes to him. Naren then simplifies his poetry and tells her what she means to him. Pooja gets touched by his sweet words. Naren tells her that he understands her uncle’s fear, and now he will be finding out some solution to end her kundli dosh. He asks her not to worry for him, and better take care of her. Naren surprises Pooja by getting plants at her home.

Pooja has said I love you to him when he gave her a rose. Naren wants her to confess love again and got all the flowering plants home. Pooja’s Maayka get surprised seeing Naren’s love for Pooja. Naren shows the flowers to Pooja. Naren is happy to be with Pooja. He gets a big moment when Pooja calls him Naren. Their relation is getting progressive. Naren holds Rahul’s hand in sleep and confesses love. Rahul laughs on Naren and is happy that Naren’s focus is getting diverted from important matters.


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