Misunderstandings to keep Shivika’s happiness at bay in Ishqbaaz


Shivay, Omkara and Rudra cook food together. Omkara looks upset. Shivay shows baby’s pic in his phone. He cheers up Omkara. Anika comes there to join them. Anika also helps Shivay. Rudra jokes and entertains Omkara and Shivay. His jokes add up spice in the kitchen. Anika learns they all are missing baby a lot. She says the baby is looking very cute in the photo. Shivay jokes on her. They pull each other’s leg. Ragini gets jealous seeing Anika and Shivay. Rudra starts taunting Ragini and asks her to leave. Ragini says I hope I did not come on wrong time. Rudra says even if you come on right time, it becomes wrong. Anika gets away from Shivay. Shivay asks Ragini to tie his apron.

Ragini gets glad and ties the apron. Anika feels jealous seeing this. Ragini is trying hard to take Anika’s place. Anika will be exposing Ragini’s truth. Anika goes from there. Ragini asks them what’s cooking today. Rudra and Omkara oppose her. Omkara leaves the pasta. Rudra asks Ragini to have the pasta. Omkara gets bread to make sandwich for Rudra. Rudra asks Omkara to make sandwich better. He irritates Omkara. Omkara asks him to do it himself. Rudra tells Omkara that he has hand sprain, Bhavya had handcuffed him at night. Omkara teases him and asks how did he get free of handcuffs. He finishes the sandwich himself. Shivay joins their conversation. Omkara and Rudra want Shivay and Anika to get back together. Shivay gets upset recalling Anika’s bitter argument, which made him terminate their relation. Misunderstandings still occupy his mind. Will Omkara and Rudra tell Pinky’s truth to Shivay? Keep reading.


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