Neil goes for a risky task in Naamkarann


Ali and Riya plan to spoil Neil and Avni’s honeymoon. Neil will be knowing mystery about Dayavanti’s aide Raghu pandit. He does not want Dayavanti to plan against against Avni. It was Neil and DD’s plan to find that man. Avni gets to know this and argues with Neil angrily. Avni asks how can he lie and make fun of her emotions. Avni throws her dupatta in the pool and scares Neil. Neil sees the dupatta and thinks Avni jumped in the pool. He jumps in the pool to save her. Avni and DD laugh seeing Neil. Avni teases him. Neil gets Avni in the pool. They have a moment. Ali and Riya meet them and act like offering help.

Avni suffers from cold after falling in the pool water. Neil turns caring and feeds the hot soup to her. Neil spends time with her. Avni likes Neil’s attention. Neil has motive to catch the culprit behind human trafficking. Neil is troubled by Ali and Riya’s interference. Ali does not want Avni to live her life unhappily. Neil does not tell Avni about the risky task. He asks Riya to take care of Avni till he comes back.


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