New entry to rock Karan and Naina’s relation in Swabhimaan


Pushpa has come back to Chauhan house. She knows Sandhya’s truth. Sandhya gets worried seeing her. Sandhya has hidden her secret. Pushpa blackmails Sandhya and reminds her promise that she will get Karan married to her daughter Saavri. She gets her daughter home. Meghna was finding Pushpa in Chittorgarh. She is Karan’s Maasi. Karan and Naina are coming closer. Karan compliments Naina. Their love story is getting completed. Saavri’s entry will be the biggest danger for their relation.

Saavri meets Karan and Kunal. She greets them. There is a confusion going on. She thinks her relation is fixed with one of Chauhan sons. She gets mistaken about them. She tells them that she has come to meet either of them, and her mum is Sandhya’s best friend. She says whatever will happen, it will be good. Kunal asks her to feel like home. Kunal and Meghna unite Naina and Karan. They happily give Naina’s hand to Karan. Saavri hopes to become Chauhan’s bahu.


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