Sameer to shatter Bharadwaj family in Sasural Simar Ka


Sameer and Anjali have a party at home. Anjali calls Sameer’s friends. Sameer wants to insult the Bharadwaj family. He gets Sanjana and Anjali on his side. He irritates everyone. Sameer tells the guests about his wives, who are very much opposite. Sameer dances with Anjali. Sameer sees his friend misbehaving with Sanjana and does not react. Aarav gets angry on that guy and beats him. Piyush confronts Sameer for not defending his wife’s respect. Piyush throws the guests out of the house. Sanjana stops her brothers from scolding Sameer. She does not want her plan to fail. Aarav fumes in anger. Everyone thinks what happened to Sanjana that she is behaving such. Simar does not know Sanjana’s plan. Anjali asks Aarav and Piyush to get out.

Sameer, Sanjana and Anjali do a puja together. Sameer values Anjali and sidelines Sanjana. Sanjana feels Sameer is doubting on her plans. Sameer asks Sanjana to snatch her mangalsutra from Anjali. Both the sisters have a cat fight. Sanjana tells Anjali that just she has right on Sameer. Anjali pushes Sanjana on the ground and insults her. Everyone gets upset seeing this ugly fight. Sameer has done this to break the family. Simar cries seeing her family’s happiness getting ruined.


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