Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Neil takes care of Avni, when she catches cold. He asks her to think well before getting into a fight with her. He wants Avni to get fine soon. Avni gets many sneezes and is troubled. Neil teases her. Avni gets away from him. Neil says you can’t get away from me, as reach of laws are very long. Avni laughs on his joke. Neil tells her that the soup will be relief for her. Riya comes to help. Neil says I was coming to you and Ali now. He asks Riya to take care of Avni. He jokes that Avni likes jumping in the pool. Riya says Avni is sensitive since childhood and catches cold early. He asks her to explain Avni. Riya says I will call Ali and come back. Neil loves Avni, and Avni too loves him. They are not able to confess love to each other. The family has sent them away from home, but Riya’s brainwashing will make Ali negative.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Shagun gets bitten by a snake. Ishita tells everyone that she can’t wait and will take the poison out. She does not want to take any chance. She tells them that they have to stop poison from spreading. The family calls doctor and asks her to wait, as they don’t want Ishita to risk her life. Ishita does not listen and withdraws poison from Shagun’s body. Ishita saves Shagun’s life.

Shivay, Omkara and Rudra cook food together. Omkara looks upset. Shivay shows baby’s pic in his phone. He cheers up Omkara. Anika comes there to join them. Anika also helps Shivay. Rudra jokes and entertains Omkara and Shivay. His jokes add up spice in the kitchen. Anika learns they all are missing baby a lot. She says the baby is looking very cute in the photo. Shivay jokes on her. They pull each other’s leg. Ragini gets jealous seeing Anika and Shivay. Rudra starts taunting Ragini and asks her to leave. Ragini says I hope I did not come on wrong time. Rudra says even if you come on right time, it becomes wrong. Anika gets away from Shivay. Shivay asks Ragini to tie his apron.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Manish calls Naitik and fixes a meeting. Dadi is hurrying things. She does not want anything to go wrong. Dadi tells Kartik that she has seen much world, delaying is bad in some matters. Kartik says even hurrying is bad. Dadi gets angry on Naira and thinks Naira has instigated Kartik. Kartik explains Dadi to wait for some time, till Naksh and Kirti know each other. Naira agrees with Dadi. Kartik asks them to do anything they want.


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