Uma to take Kanak’s Agnipariksha in Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji


Kanak hides her family from Uma Shankar. Uma will be knowing about Kanak’s family. Maasi gets a doubt on Kanak when she sees Kanak behaving weird in front of Pushkar’s guests. Maasi invites Bhabho and Babasa home to become part of a puja. Kanak gets her family on her side, when everyone asks about her Maayka. Uma will be losing trust on Kanak for hiding such a big thing.

Uma decides to take Agnipariksha of Kanak. He says its a test of your purity, you make any relation with me or not, I will make a bed and pyre for you. Uma is angered as Kanak has ruined his feelings. Kanak wants Bhabho’s shop, while Uma wants his wife. Uma prepares two proposals, of love and relation’s end. Kanak gets ready as his bride for her motives. She gets a shock seeing a bed and pyre in front of her. Kanak imagines Uma keeping the woods for their relation’s funeral, while Uma decorates the room for her. Kanak has to prove she is his life partner. Kanak is giving tests to become an ideal wife only to get Bhabho’s shop. She gets confused about giving Rambha test. She has to win the last test and win Bhabho’s shop from Uma. Kanak decides to listen to her heart.


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