Chakor to skip her engagement in Udaan


Suraj and Chakor’s engagement will be seen. Chakor gets ready for her engagement. Bhuvan calls out Kasturi asking her to come soon, they have to leave for puja and then reach haveli for engagement. Chakor is very happy and tries keeping her worrying thoughts away. She thinks to keep an eye on Bhaiya ji. Suraj gets angry as Chakor did not call him and went to help others. He says Chakor left from the rasam and went to become Jagat Mata, she does not think about me, she never cares for me, she just worried for villagers, how could she switch off the phone. He angrily throws things in his room. Imli and Vivaan try to calm down Suraj.

Suraj says she could have asked me for help, she did not think about my happiness, I have no importance in her life, she did the same thing like before. He takes her picture to break. Vivaan stops him and asks him to stop it now. Chakor has gone for some important work and hopes Suraj will understand her when she meets her and apologizes with love. Vivaan explains Suraj that Chakor maybe in some problem, if she went, maybe there is some big reason, you know her well. Imli asks Suraj to think about Chakor’s safety, maybe she fell in trouble, she may need you, love relation is of trust, go and find her. Suraj understands this and says Chakor maybe needing my support, I will go, you guys stay here, she can come back to haveli, you keep me informed. Imli prays for Chakor’s welfare.


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