Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Swabhimaan: Sandhya’s secret is getting revealed. Pushpa was the secret keeper. Pushpa talks to Sandhya. Naina hears their conversation. Pushpa asks Sandhya to think of Kunal, what will happen when Chauhan family knows Kunal is your son, he is not from Chauhan’s family, you promised Kunal and Saavri’s marriage, but now Saavri will marry Karan, who is the real heir of this family. Naina gets a huge shock. Pushpa asks Sandhya how will the family react knowing Kunal is not their blood, I did not complicate anything till now, its good I got a chance to come here. Pushpa has come to get Saavri married to Karan.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Anjali is arrested for theft blame. Anjali asks inspector to think why will she rob her own house, its Sanjana’s plan. She blames Sanjana for trapping her. Sameer sees the drama. Sanjana has filed the FIR against Anjali. Anjali says Sanjana got mad, I did not steal anything, I m not scared of anything, you can check my room. Inspector says we got Sanjana’s mangalsutra from your room. Anjali defends herself. Simar and family come home and see Anjali’s arrest. Anjali feels trapped. Simar asks Sanjana does she think Anjali did the theft. Sanjana says yes I have filed complaint against Anjali, she has snatched my mangalsutra. Anjali asks Simar and family to help her out.


Sameer asks Sanjana to take her complaint back. He stops Anjali’s arrest. It was Sameer’s plan to give a shock to the Bharadwaj family. Sanjana knows she has to listen to Sameer to win his trust.


Suraj and Chakor’s engagement will be seen. Chakor gets ready for her engagement. Bhuvan calls out Kasturi asking her to come soon, they have to leave for puja and then reach haveli for engagement. Chakor is very happy and tries keeping her worrying thoughts away. She thinks to keep an eye on Bhaiya ji. Suraj gets angry as Chakor did not call him and went to help others. He says Chakor left from the rasam and went to become Jagat Mata, she does not think about me, she never cares for me, she just worried for villagers, how could she switch off the phone. He angrily throws things in his room. Imli and Vivaan try to calm down Suraj.


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