Kunal’s birth truth gets revealed in Swabhimaan


Sandhya’s secret is getting revealed. Pushpa was the secret keeper. Pushpa talks to Sandhya. Naina hears their conversation. Pushpa asks Sandhya to think of Kunal, what will happen when Chauhan family knows Kunal is your son, he is not from Chauhan’s family, you promised Kunal and Saavri’s marriage, but now Saavri will marry Karan, who is the real heir of this family. Naina gets a huge shock. Pushpa asks Sandhya how will the family react knowing Kunal is not their blood, I did not complicate anything till now, its good I got a chance to come here. Pushpa has come to get Saavri married to Karan. Pushpa says my daughter will be marrying the owner of this palace, I don’t want your son to marry Saavri now. Naina gets shaken up knowing Kunal is not Nandkishore and Nirmala’s son, he is Sandhya’s son. She thinks if she should tell this secret to family or not. Sandhya asks Pushpa to come to her room and talk.

Pushpa says I can’t wait for more, if you don’t listen to me, I have to talk to Nandkishore about this. Sandhya does not want this truth to come out. Naina does not want to spoil the family’s happiness, but she is in dilemma over keeping this a secret. Pushpa threatens Sandhya and asks her to make Saavri place Ganpati idol. Sandhya asks her how can she make Saavri sit in puja all of a sudden. Pushpa says like you have placed your son in this family. Naina asks Dada ji if he wants tea. Kunal asks her to be shy and act like she is becoming new bahu of this house, so that they feel like getting promoted. She says but you are already my family, I m daughter of this house. They have a cute moment. Kunal pulls her leg. Sandhya promises Pushpa that she will get Karan and Saavri married.



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