Naren to prove himself to Pooja’s family in Piyaa Albela


Pooja and Naren go on a cycle ride and have a talk on the way. Naren asks her not to worry for anything. He feels its the best ride of his life, that his best friend and love is with him. They meet with a small accident and fall down on the road. They have a long eyelock, while the public gathers to help them. The people joke on the lovers, who are lost in each other after the accident.

People ask them are they fine, did they get hurt. Naren and Pooja see people watching them, and leave from the place. Naren meets Pooja’s uncle. He gets a surprise for Pooja. Her uncle asks him to prove that he is the right guy for Pooja and he will take care of Pooja. Naren wants to prove that he can secure Pooja’s future. He buys a small house for Pooja to show he is serious about keeping his marriage.


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