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Naamkarann: Neil has sworn to make Avni his wife by heart. He can’t see her going away. He gets mesmerized seeing her. Ali sees Neil’s love for Avni and gets raging in anger fire. He could not see their union. Ali gets mistaken about them and goes away with a broken heart. She fears to lose Avni. Avni and Neil get into an argument. She tells him that she knows he is that wrong type of guy. They have a sweet moment.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

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Kartik wants Naksh and Kirti to marry later, while Naira does not support him. Naira demands him to fulfill her demands, else she will go on hunger strike. Kartik sees the candles lit in the room and asks her what’s this. He does not agree to her. She shows the cute sign boards and apologizes to him. She asks him to please agree and not be angry. Naira knows he will not agree by some easy way. She confesses love to him. Kartik does not listen to her and goes. Naira tries some dresses in the designer boutique.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ruhi panics for Ishita. Ishita tells everyone about the watchman’s disappearance. Ruhi gets relieved that Ishita did not get any clue. Ruhi hides the matter from Ishita. She shows her concern. Ishita shows the mangalsutra which can remind Shagun of her relation with Mani. She tells everyone that she has got this as Shagun can connect to this emotionally. Ishita asks Aaliya to take it to Shagun and wait for her to react seeing it. They all hope that Shagun will recall Mani and maybe she can recover her memory. Shagun tries to recall.


Suraj and Chakor’s engagement day finally comes. Chakor and her family come to haveli for the engagement and greet everyone. She meets Suraj and blinds him by her beauty. Suraj is too happy to get her back in his life. Chakor and Suraj exchange rings. Everyone is happy for them. Chakor disappears from the engagement function, leaving Suraj shocked and fuming. Bhaiya ji has played this game to send off Chakor from the haveli, knowing she is soft hearted and will run for anyone who is calling her for help.

Piyaa Albela:

Pooja and Naren go on a cycle ride and have a talk on the way. Naren asks her not to worry for anything. He feels its the best ride of his life, that his best friend and love is with him. They meet with a small accident and fall down on the road. They have a long eyelock, while the public gathers to help them. The people joke on the lovers, who are lost in each other after the accident.


Shivay and Anika will be seen in a romantic avatar, while they are away from home on a date. Anika has called Shivay for dinner. She wants to tell him about Ragini. Anika’s timely fall makes Shivay reach out to her to help. They start dinner. Shivay gets upset seeing her eating food like a hunger stricken person. He gets angry on her and taunts. He turns away. She tells him that food is much important for her, she can’t resist hunger. He then recalls her past and gets love on her innocence.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:

Advay cleverly manages to fool Pratham. Advay’s master plan makes her fall in Pratham’s eyes. Advay fills Pratham’s ears. Pratham thinks Chandni is really mad as Advay said. Pratham refuses for the alliance. Advay goes a step ahead to trap Chandni in love and then take revenge from her. Indrani gets upset with Chandni for upsetting Pratham. Everyone finds Chandni wrong. Chandni hopes Indrani will understand her, as it was not her mistake. Indrani asks Chandni to apologize to Pratham and save the relation. Chandni agrees. Chandni apologizes to Advay, assuming he is Pratham. He calls her an ideal wife for him.





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