Avni and Neil’s new journey begins in Naamkarann


Avni thinks of making some solid plan to convince Neil. Neela tries explaining Ali that they should be happy in whatever they have. She asks him to let Avni go with Neil and not run after her, as she can’t be his love now. She asks him to give a chance to his own happiness. Ali takes her wrong and thinks to try getting Avni’s love. Neil gets to know about Raghu Pandit’s location.

Bebe asks Avni to convince Neil for honeymoon by doing a filmi drama. Avni does huge drama for Neil in the police station. She expresses her wish to go on honeymoon. She does a helpless woman act and emotionally blackmails Neil. Avni jumps down and falls in Neil’s arms. Neil agrees to go on honeymoon, just for the police case. Avni thanks him. Shweta informs Riya about Neil and Avni leaving for honeymoon. She asks Riya to take Ali there. Ali asks Nanno to manage his cafe till he goes for his conference. He lies to her about his work opportunity. Riya gets glad that Ali is going to spoil Avni’s happiness. Riya and Ali come to surprise Neil and Avni at the hotel. Riya fixes a bug in the bouquet. She sends the bouquet for Neil and Avni. She hears Neil and Avni’s conversation. Neela knows Avni and Neil love each other and have to just realize their feelings. She hopes the honeymoon trip brings them closer. Shweta hopes Neil returns alone from the trip, by abandoning Avni. Riya tries brainwashing Ali, while Avni and Neil begin their life’s new phase.


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