Chandrakanta – Shivdutt back with vengeance

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Kroor Singh has turned Virendra into an idol. He tells Chandrakanta that if the idol breaks, Virendra will die, his life is inside the idol. Chandrakanta requests Kroor Singh and asks him not to do anything to Virendra. Shivdutt comes there and asks for the idol. Chandrakanta realizes Kroor Singh is still with Shivdutt. Kroor Singh says I have caught Virendra, which you could not do, its same thing if either of us have it.

Chandrakanta loves Virendra and wants him to get fine. Tej Singh and Chapla are helping her. Kroor Singh has gone selfish and crazy for Chandrakanta, while Shivdutt wants just revenge. Shivdutt is after Tilism. Chandrakanta realizes they all have reached the same person. Everyone wants to save the idol, else none can reach Tilism, just Virendra can make them reach Tilism. Shivdutt can go to any extent to get Tilism and Chandrakanta. Chandrakanta fears Shivdutt will begin the death game.






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