Dev and Sonakshi to counter work-life issues in Kuch Rang…

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Suhana falls in trouble when Sonakshi and Dev fail to reach her school to pick up on time. The little girl gets stuck in middle of the heavy traffic and gets scared. Sonakshi’s busy work schedule angers Dev. Dev blames her for not being responsible. He says you were not there when Suhana needed her mum. He asks her to work from home, which will be good for everyone. Dev and Sonakshi have an argument. She is angry on his decision. She asks him who told him to do all this, why are they taking this ahead if he has no answer. Dev says its our responsibility to take care of Ishwari and Suhana.

Sonakshi wants freedom to take her decisions herself. She says I feel tied. Dev tells her that he can work from anywhere, he can be with her and take care of her, he is doing all this for her, and she can do the same for family, she can work from home, there won’t be any problem. He does not accept his mistake. He asks her to ask Ishwari if she finds him wrong. He asks Ishwari if love and care are called limitations. Ishwari worries seeing them arguing. Sonakshi says your intentions are not bad, but I can’t sit here and work, I can’t work this way, we are our own work life. She disagrees with Dev.






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