Omkara-Rudra try for Shivika’s patch up in Ishqbaaz


Jhanvi and Shwetlana manage to get away from police. They take Tej to the graveyard. Bhavya comes there in search of locket. Bhavya gets the locket. Jhanvi and Shwetlana realize Tej’s phone is missing and think to find out. Bhavya gets the evidence chip from the locket and completes her mission. She checks the chip and informs the commissioner.

Gauri tries to make Omkara realize his art. Omkara gets glad seeing his sketches and shares his experiences with Gauri. He tells her how Jhanvi encouraged him. Ragini spoils Anika and Shivay’s moment, and tries acting close to Shivay. Anika feels hurt, which Omkara and Rudra realize. They ask Shivay not to hurt Anika this way. Shivay does not want to think anything about Anika. They request Shivay to talk and sort the things out with Anika. Shivay does not want to forget what she did. Omkara and Rudra ask him to forget everything and move on in life, so that they can get happiness. Omkara and Rudra lie to Shivay and Anika and try to bring them together. Shivay and Anika agree to meet for dinner. Anika gets happy spending some quality time with Shivay. Ragini gets angry knowing about them, and decides to execute her plan.


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