Vansh learns Kanak’s marriage truth in Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji


Kanak speaks out the truth to Vansh, when he spots her in the market. Vansh realizes Kanak is Uma’s wife. Kanak tells Vansh that Uma has kidnapped her and forcibly married her. Vansh gets a shock. Kanak tells Vansh that she will be coming home in 4 days. Kanak has won many tasks just for the shop. Kanak misses Shiv in the market. She tries to find him. Kanak comes home alone, and gets scolding by Maasi. Maasi makes her apologize. Uma decides to give the shop to Kanak in two days.

Kanak makes her mind to leave the house. She feels attached to Maasi and Shiv. Kanak hugs Maasi and apologizes to her for everything. Kanak thinks Uma’s family is strange, but they have made a place in her heart. She feels Maasi has given her a mum’s love, and guided her all the time. Kanak does not want to go leaving Shiv and Maasi. Kanak decides to get the shop registered on her name and run away from the house. Kanak is going away from Uma Shankar forever.


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