Shivam to define true love in Mere Angne Mein

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Shanti asks Shivam to make Aarti leave from the house. She tells him that Aarti has met Ajay. Shivam says I have seen them together, Aarti met Ajay in the market, I don’t care about that. Shanti asks him did he become Lord, he is very great. Shivam tells them that Aarti will not leave from the house. He explains that Aarti is the best mum his daughter can get. He says Aarti will stay in Shanti Sadan by the rights of my baby’s mum. Shanti disagrees with him. Kaushalya feels Aarti has done magic on him. Shanti hopes Raghav will surely get angry on Aarti and make her leave.

Aarti tells Shivam that Shanti got insulted today. She accepts that he loves Ajay. Shivam asks her how long will she beg for her love. He laughs on her love. He asks her how can she love such a man who calls his wife characterless. He tells her that he knows Ajay well. He asks her does she have any self esteem or not, how can she think of returning to Ajay. Aarti respects Ajay as Lord. He asks her not to follow wrong teachings. He gets angry on her madness. He tells her that husband is a friend, whom wife respects and loves. He asks her to respect herself so that others respect her. He defines love to her. Chandra feels he will get Aarti soon, when Shanti makes her out of the house.


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