Uma learns Kanak’s entire plan in Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji


Uma has decorated the room and welcomes Kanak as his wife. He looks for a bright future for her. Kanak gets tensed. Uma exposes Kanak’s truth by acting of romance. Uma knew Kanak is hiding something from him. He understands she will definitely refuse to him. Uma holds her hand and asks her if she is ready to finally come in his life forever. Uma pampers her. Kanak dislikes the moment.

Uma feels Kanak is insulting his love. He gets angry on her and asks if a wife is such bad, is love cheap like this. He knows Kanak’s family background. He asks her if she is really Sandhya Rathi’s daughter. He asks her how low can she fall to get a shop. He says I have seen your true face, I hate you, I could not know you could sell yourself for a shop, I know you don’t love me, you don’t regard me as your husband, is this your high status house’s values. Kanak gets a huge shock knowing Uma knows the entire truth.

Uma points at her upbringing. He asks her why is she with him, if he does not regard him her husband. He asks her why is she dealing herself for a shop. He says you just regard me a shop owner, how could you get so cheap. He is angry on her deceive. He is hurt seeing her. He wanted to see if she would stop him. He was testing her patience. He says you came here just for shop, you don’t know anything other than lies.

He adds you are a stain on woman’s name, you thought you will pass this Rambha test, relations and Dharm don’t matter to you, just that shop matters to you, if you won today, none would have believed in true love and marriage, you will never get that shop. Uma ends his marriage with Kanak. He tells her that she has failed in his eyes and their relation died by her selfish motives. Kanak sheds tears.


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