Baisa becomes part of Naksh’s tilak in Yeh Rishta…

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Naira has come home to attend Naksh’s tilak. Kartik is mesmerized seeing her looking much pretty in her unique style. Kartik finds Naira. He makes excuses to meet Naira. Fate helps the lovers find a moment for themselves. Naira asks Kartik to stop following her and do preparations for Tilak. Kartik steals some time. Kartik tells Naira that he just came to help her. Naira says I understand everything. Kartik makes petty excuses, and she understands he is finding a moment to romance.

Kartik says you don’t care for me, I have no importance. They relive the old moments. Naira gets Naksh’s sherwani and does not want anything wrong to happen in the tilak function. Everyone dances around Naksh and celebrate happiness. The Singhanias will be seen dancing on their favorite celebrations song Badhai ho badhai. Naira wished Suwarna could become part of the tilak. Naira tries asking Dadi if there is any problem, but Dadi does not react much. Dadi allowed Naira to attend function so that Baisa does not create any scene in the tilak. The family gets glad finding Baisa accepting the alliance heartily. Baisa tells them that she will not do anything that spoils Naksh’s happiness, after all she also wishes the best for Naksh.


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