Bala feels sympathetic towards Kiran in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman-Ishita's arrest shocks all

Shravan acts rude to Kiran. He asks her not to buy their love by giving them gifts. Kiran stops Bala from scolding the kids. Shravan does not want to accept Kiran as his mum. He refuses to apologize to Kiran. He misbehaves with Kiran. Iyers don’t get ready to give Vandu’s place to Kiran. Bala feels sympathetic towards Kiran. Ishita gets a lead about the case. She asks Raman to be with Shagun at home, while she goes to find the clue. Raman feels nothing right is happening. Ishita asks him to keep himself busy in work.

Nikhil bonds with Ruhi. He wants to rectify his mistake. He apologizes to her for his wrong judgment. Ruhi forgives him. Nikhil gives her a gift. Ruhi gets surprised. Ruhi and Nikhil get friendly. Raman learns about Adi’s big money withdrawal. Adi does not tell him about the expenses. Raman finds Adi’s behavior strange. Ishita wants police to get evidence soon, so that Raman gets freed from the wrong blames.


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