Dadi to mend her rules in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Naira congratulates Naksh for Tilak. Naira tells Naksh that Dadi allowed her to come in rasam, as she is much happy with them. Dadi skips Naira’s doings. She tells Manish that she is not telling anything to Naira, as Kirti is getting married in Singhania house. She feels Naira did an abshagun. She does not want to get into any argument with Baisa. She asks Manish and Akhilesh to enjoy the function. She decides to talk to Naira once they are back home. Singhanias miss Akshara on the special occasion.

Kartik gets glad by Manish’s good behavior towards Singhanias. Naitik does not accept gifts from Goenka family. He asks Goenkas just to bless Naksh. Manish requests Naitik to accept the gifts this time, and assures of his blessings to be with Naksh forever. Kirti witnesses the Tilak rasam on video call. Kartik and Naira recall their Tilak rasam. Naitik does not want Manish to do the rasam of washing groom’s feet. Manish asks them to let them do the ritual. Naitik clears out that Manish won’t need to do such rituals. Naksh pays respect to Manish. Kirti gets happy seeing Naksh. Kartik offers to do the rituals. Kartik tells Naksh that he is sure about the alliance, but he is not afraid for Kirti now. He feels Naksh will keep Kirti very happy. Dadi and Baisa argue. Naira manages to keep things fine. The tilak rasam completes with everyone’s blessings. Baisa troubles Dadi by making her do tough rituals.


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