Riya foils Ali’s plans in Naamkarann


Ali plans a date with Avni. Riya helps him. Ali asks Riya to call Avni so that he can confess his feelings to Avni. Riya feels like succeeding in making Avni out of Neil’s life. Riya informs Shweta about their plan. Avni gets a letter from Ali, and thinks its Neil calling her for dinner. Ali has high expectations and believes Avni loves him. Riya panics when the hotel room catches fire. She calls Ali for help. Ali leaves from the place to help her out. Neil misses to catch the criminal. He returns to the hotel. Ali’s surprise plan fails when Neil meets Avni. Riya worries for the plan. She thinks to send Ali back to Avni.

Neil and Avni get into an argument. He asks her not to have any expectations from him. He clears her that the marriage is fake, its a drama to show the family. Avni gets hurt by his words. Neil tells Avni about the landslide. He tells her that they can’t go back to the hotel. She does not want to be with him. Neil finds her angry. He asks her the reason for her tears. He stops her from returning to the hotel. Avni does not want to take his help. Neil asks her not to be stubborn and let him take care of her. Ali learns about the landslide. Ali is not allowed to go out of the hotel. Neil takes care of Avni.


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