Anjali’s life to face dangers in Sasural Simar Ka


Simar has shot Anjali, while they had an argument. Simar was trying to snatch the gun from Anjali’s hand. Anjali was fighting for the property papers. Anjali got to know Piyush cheated her as Armaan. She was just scaring Simar to get papers. Simar wanted to see if her blood has really gone bad. She asked Anjali to shoot her. Anjali gets angry on Simar for doing her Shraddh. Anjali falls down.

Anjali’s anger melts down. She apologizes to Simar and gets unconscious. Piyush and Simar take Anjali to the hospital. Sameer is not affected by the drama. He takes the property papers and succeeded in his motives. Sameer’s hired man has shot Anjali. Everyone thinks Simar has shot Anjali. Sameer does not care for Anjali’s life. Anjali will get senses after this incident. Simar lands in jail for the crime.


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