Chandrakanta struggles to get Virendra back

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Chandrakanta is trying hard to make Virendra turn into a human again. She gets Virendra’s idol. She begs for her love’s life. She meets Babni and says you don’t know the meaning of real love, you did not experience love in your life. She is worried and asks Babni to help her. Babni got cheated in love and does not want to help her. He says I have crossed all limits for my love and still got deceived, you feel just your love is true, as you got love in return of love. She asks him how can you lose if your true was love. He asks her to stop it and not judge anyone’s love. She says you could also get true love if you tried harder. He says I tried many times and failed again and again. He does not want to make Virendra fine. She feels helpless.

Babni takes the idol from her and throws it in air. Chandrakanta fears for Virendra. Babni says why shall I go through the pain of love alone, every lover should experience the pain, you all have lived much and now its time to part ways with the lover. He has bitterness in him and says I will not let any lovers meet. He troubles everyone by his magical powers. He asks them to face death now. Chandrakanta is trying much and giving all tests to get Virendra. Babni is not sympathetic. His heart is not melting. Chandrakanta will convince Babni any how.






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