Adi to suspect Ruhi for Mani’s murder in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman doubts that Adi maybe involved in Mani’s murder. Ishita tells inspector that Ashok is playing some game, but there is no proof against him. Inspector tells him that whoever the culprit is, they just want to fool him and lay a trap. Ishita thinks to find out who is behind the murder.

Ruhi panics on knowing about Raman’s arrest. Adi asks her to wait till Ishita comes. Ishita lies to them that police refused to release Raman. Ruhi is sure that Raman is innocent. Ishita tries to keep the family members emotionally strong. She makes the family have food. She lies to Shagun that Raman has gone abroad for a meeting. Shagun believes Ishita, as she has saved her life.

Adi asks Ruhi not to behave in such a way that makes Ishita worried. Ruhi feels they should share the truth with Ishita. Adi stops her from telling anything to Ishita. He slaps her to control. Adi gets mistaken that Ruhi has done Mani’s murder. Adi is trying to save Ruhi. Ruhi gets a shock on knowing Adi’s misunderstanding. He tells her about choosing her instead Raman. Ruhi denies the blame. Adi tells her that he has seen her with Mani at that time. Ruhi learns Adi was there. She tries telling him the complete truth. Ishita gets to hear them, and asks them to answer everything. Ishita gets worried seeing Adi and Ruhi stopping each other from saying the truth. Ishita demands an answer. Adi admits that he has gone to Mani’s house to confront him about the divorce papers. He found Mani murdered and ran away.

Ashok denies to know the snake charmer. He understands police will follow the snake charmer to reach him. He does the drama and gets saved.


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