Pooja to change Naren’s personality in Piyaa Albela


Naren gets Pooja’s soothing support. Pooja loves Naren. She is with him in every sorrow. Naren is worried. There are many family issues. Naren planned a small gift for Pooja, but it created many problems at home. She explains him that its time for him to rise and become Krishna from Ram. She prepares him to fight with the world. She does not want Naren to suffer because of his goodness. She feels his worries and cries. Naren thanks her for always being there. Later, Neelima and Rahul hurt Pooja and show they are the house owners.

Neelima makes Supriya beg for food. Naren gets furious. Naren gets into a fight with Rahul. Naren beats up Rahul. Neelima asks Supriya to stop Naren, he has gone mad. Pooja asks Supriya to let Naren do what he is doing. She stops Supriya from coming in between. Neelima and Naren did not expect such change in Naren. Supriya asks Naren to leave Rahul. Pooja spoke to Naren to the point and had turned stone hearted. She just wants Naren to become confident and independent. She is emotionally connected to Naren. She wants to get away from Naren as she has kundli dosh. She knows she will be leaving from Naren’s life soon. Naren’s life is getting threats. She wants Naren to be responsible towards his family even in her absence. She does not want Neelima to use Naren’s innocence.


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