Berahampur’s Amrit Manthan twist next in Ghulaam


There is much drama happening in the haveli. Gulguli gets drunk. She asks Choudhary to answer all her questions today. Rangeela’s mum Shanti and Gulguli have a fight for Choudhary. Veer asks Gulguli to stop it. Gulguli takes Choudhary’s pagdi and divides the house. Rangeela chooses his father over everything else. Veer supports Gulguli. Choudhary hugs Rangeela happily. Rangeela gets support of Manmeet and Rashmi. Choudhary announces that the house got divided, it had to happen and he will divide even Berahampur now. He says it will be Amrit Manthan here, there will be Amrit and poison on two sides, and anyone can choose where to stay in the divided parts. He asks the family to decide for themselves.

It becomes clear that Veer and Rangeela will be heading the two states of Berahampur. Choudhary answers Gulguli’s questions. He asks Gulguli to get whatever she wants. He wants to repent for his mistake and be with Shanti, with whom he did injustice. Choudhary says everyone would want to know who will be my heir after my death, my heir will be one who is true like me, one who has thinking like mine, Rangeela will be my heir. Veer angrily asks Choudhary to wait and see, if Rangeela’s Amrit is powerful or his poison. Veer asks Rangeela never to cross the division lines.


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