Bhabho to unite Kanak-Uma in Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji


Everyone is happy in the house that Kanak has come back and also got happiness in the form of the shop papers. Kanak prepares jalebis for Bhabho. Kanak brings much sweetness in everyone’s lives. Everyone eats the jalebis. Uma and Maasi have come to Rathi house to take Kanak. The family gets surprised. Maasi asks Bhabho will she not treat her Samdhan well. Maasi gives the shagun for Kanak. Vansh tells Bhabho that there is no match between Kanak and Uma. He does not want to send Kanak with Uma.

Maasi says Kanak has come with Uma to her Maayka for the first time, and that too on Teej’s occasion. Kanak and Bhabho prepare the food for Uma. Vansh does not like Uma. He asks Bhabho to stop Kanak from going with Uma. He says Kanak has ruined her life once to get shop papers, if she goes back again to Uma’s house, she will not be happy. Kanak asks Vansh not to worry. She wants to thank Uma for uniting her with Bhabho, which none could do till now. She sees Uma’s good side and starts believing in him. Bhabho tells Kanak that Uma and Kanak are like Sooraj and Sandhya for her. Will Kanak keep her marriage? Keep reading.


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