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Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Teni’s marriage is happening. Shorvori gets the bridal dress for her. All the ladies get the shagun from Teni’s sasural. Dadi ji tells Teni to accept this shagun by love and take blessings from elders. She shows the special things sent in shagun and says its all your Shringhaar, you will just have the Tulsi kada till your marriage happens, its regarded pure, your face will glow, you apply chandan lep for some time, then get ready. Shorvori worries that Teni can’t have the Tulsi kada, which won’t be good for the baby. Shorvori drops the kada on Teni’s dress. She asks Teni to go and clean her clothes. She asks Dadi ji not to worry, she will feed the kada to Teni. Dadi ji asks her to do this ritual, as its important. Shorvori does not want anything wrong to happen with the baby.


Arjun has finally found Maya. He says you have cheated my love and emotions. He asks her to answer why did he do this. Saanjh stops Arjun from hitting Maya. She says if you kill her, police will arrest you. Arjun says I don’t care of anything. Saanjh says but I do care if you get arrested, you just leave her. Arjun asks Maya to answer why did she cheat him and frame him in her murder case. Arjun does not want to spare Maya. Maya felt she has got Saanjh murdered. She did not know Saanjh is alive.


Sasural Simar Ka:
Sanjana celebrates Raksha bandhan with Aarav and Piyush. She ties the rakhis to her brothers. Aarav and Piyush assure that they will always protect her. Aarav says when any tear falls from your eyes, we get hurt. After much bitter time seen by the family, this function brings emotional satisfaction and happiness in Bharadwaj house.

Ghulaam: There is much drama happening in the haveli. Gulguli gets drunk. She asks Choudhary to answer all her questions today. Rangeela’s mum Shanti and Gulguli have a fight for Choudhary. Veer asks Gulguli to stop it. Gulguli takes Choudhary’s pagdi and divides the house. Rangeela chooses his father over everything else. Veer supports Gulguli. Choudhary hugs Rangeela happily. Rangeela gets support of Manmeet and Rashmi. Choudhary announces that the house got divided, it had to happen and he will divide even Berahampur now. He says it will be Amrit Manthan here, there will be Amrit and poison on two sides, and anyone can choose where to stay in the divided parts. He asks the family to decide for themselves.

Bhaiya ji’s truth has come out. He has failed to separate Suraj and Chakor. Suraj-Chakor and Vivaan-Imli are very happy and celebrate their union. They all plan to go for trekking. Suraj stops Vivaan from revealing his plan. Vivaan teases Suraj. The brothers have a fun time. Bhaiya ji feels ignored by everyone. Tejaswini is happy and asks Chakor to take care of Suraj. The couples happily leave for their trip. Bhaiya ji is angry seeing Chakor and Suraj. There will be much romance of Suraj-Chakor and Vivaan-Imli seen in the coming track.


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