YRKKH-Jab Harry Met Sejal special episode to air tonight


Harry and Sejal visit the Goenkas. They get a warm welcome. Harry and Sejal wish Kirti for her marriage. Harry-Sejal and Kartik-Naira have a romantic dance competition. Both the couples perform on Jab Harry Met Sejal’s romantic song. They fill romance in air. Harry and Sejal also shake a leg with them on Radha song. Kirti and Naksh’s wedding cards arrive home. Everyone gets glad seeing the cards. Kartik and Naira bring happiness at home, and rehearse for Kirti’s sangeet. Kirti is excited about the card. She hides and hears the family talking about Naksh. She manages to see the card.

There was ring twist in the show. Naira and Kartik lose the ring. Harry and Sejal help them in finding the ring and give them tips. They play roles of Kaira’s Love Guru. There is a cute romantic moment between Kaira, when Harry gives a good solution to Kartik. Kartik tries Harry’s ideas to convince Naira. Sejal helps Naira and gives tips to find a conclusion. Harry and Sejal find the ring, and make them exchange rings. Jab Harry Met Sejal’s episode will air tonight. Keep reading.


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