Destiny to unite Uma-Kanak once again in Tu Sooraj….


Kanak meets Uma at the temple. She tells her entire truth to him. Uma does not react knowing anything. His silence troubles Kanak. Kanak tells him that she has done everything for the sweet shop. She returns him the jewelry and money, which she took from him as financial security. She tells him that she got what she wanted, she does not want anything else. She thinks why did Uma not give any lecture today. She feels if there is some mystery behind his silence.

Pandit throws a garland in air, which happens to fall over Uma and Kanak. They get tied in the garland once again. Uma feels Lord is giving him a sign again. Kanak breaks the garlands and leaves from the temple. Uma and Kanak want to go away from each other, but still the destiny ties them together. Uma and Kanak’s relation will become like Diya and Baati. Uma tried much to convince her, but this time he has got annoyed with her. Kanak has spoken all her selfish motives to him. Kanak too feels bad to hurt Uma’s emotions. They go separate ways. Uma’s heart is still connected to her.


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