Naksh’s dilemma gets known in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Naira asks Naksh to share his worries with her. Naksh does not tell her anything. Kirti also celebrates Raksha bandhan with her brothers. The families sing and dance, expressing their happiness. Naksh looks lost. Naira takes him aside and asks him why is he unhappy, what is he hiding. Naira asks Naksh not to lie to her, as he has promised being true to her. Naksh diverts her saying he was missing Akshara. Naira believes his lies. Yash understands Naksh lied to Naira. He demands Naksh to give him a gift of truth. Yash says its about Kirti, I know it. Naksh admits to Yash that he does not love Kirti, but agreed to marry her for the sake of Naira’s happiness. He reveals how the alliance was affecting both the families.

Naksh and Yash’s conversation gets recorded by the kids. Naksh requests Yash not to tell anything to anyone. Naksh tells him he is sure of his decision. Naksh knows Naira’s happiness is linked to this alliance. Kartik gets his phone from the kids. Kartik does not see the recording. Kartik stays annoyed with Naira. Ananya and Gayu tell Naira how Kartik has fulfilled her wish and made arrangements for her. Naira thanks Kartik by giving him a good surprise. They both end their annoyance. Naira tells Kartik that it was her idea to call him to storeroom and meet. Kartik dislikes her horrible idea. Manish asks Kartik to get serious in life. Kartik and Naira’s arguments get known to everyone. Kartik goes with Singhanias to fill Naira’s place, not by annoyance. Naira understands his sweet gesture.


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