Pooja’s next step to influence Naren in Piyaa Albela


Rahul misbehaves with Pooja. Pooja gives him a tight slap. Rahul praises her courage to slap him standing in his cabin. She tells him that he got habitual to get beaten up, he should praise her courage when she gets Naren’s picture in this cabin, this chair belongs to Naren. She says my husband will sit on this chair, as he is the real owner of the company.

Pooja has taken a big decision and wants Naren to become independent. She has made a sacrifice of her happiness. She has become maid of the house. She wants Naren to live with self esteem. Naren stops Pooja from working as maid. She cleans the floor. Rahul stops Naren from talking to her. He falls down the slippery floor. Naren and Rahul get into an argument. Pooja stops Naren. She is doing this to make Naren earn for himself. She will give many tests to make him capable of taking care of himself and his family. She knows Naren is very innocent and anyone can misuse his goodness. She does not want anyone to take advantage of Naren’s simplicity.



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