Advay and Chandni’s ‘Chennai Express’ moment in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


Indrani asks Pratham to lift Chandni and take her to temple. Pratham is fed the wine by Advay angrily. Pratham gets drunk. He is not in a state to lift Chandni and take her to temple. He can’t climb the temple stairs. Pratham has eaten the bhaang laddoos as well, which Shikha has made to teach a lesson to Veer. Pratham acts funny. Pratham tells Chandni that once he lifts her in arms, he will not put her down, he will hug her. Pratham does not know what’s happening with him. He is foolishly down. There is a hilarious scene. Pratham creates a huge drama. Advay takes Pratham’s place and offers help to Indrani. He takes advantage of Pratham’s state.


Indrani allows Advay to do the rasam and take Chandni to the temple. Advay climbs all the temple stairs lifting Chandni in arms. Indrani hands them the diya. Advay and Chandni’s romance is seen. Advay lifts her in front of everyone. The reason for their romance become a little diya. Advay acts like just helping Chandni in fulfilling the rituals well. Advay and Chandni realize the abshagun of the diya blowing off. Chandni does not want the diya to blow off. Even Advay wants the same. On returning home, Chandni gets into an argument with Advay. Shikha gets jewelry for Chandni. Chandni tries the earrings and misses her love Dev. Advay makes an entry when she calls Dev from heart. He tries getting close to her, to proper her earrings. Chandni gets wrong meaning and scolds him. Advay asks her to talk to him with respect, as he is her would be husband. He keeps on calling her his would be wife, which angers her more. They have a cute moment.


  1. And i dont any option of disliking the couple as well! Are you bribed by gul khan or what?! -_- The show is lame, actors cant act, writers cant write, directors cant direct! Anything else or have “I” matches your expectations? How stupid so you think we are?!?


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