Arjun tricks Maya to save Saanjh in Beyhadh


Maya threatens Arjun about Saanjh. She asks him to not to do anything against her, else she will give a dangerous death to Saanjh. She threatens Saanjh’s mum against hurting her. Maya shows the proof that Saanjh is alive and in her clutches. Arjun acts of stomach ache. Maya takes him to hospital. Arjun does the drama as he has to save Saanjh.

Arjun fools Maya. Maya shouts on hospital staff. She says if anything happens to my Arjun, I will not leave anyone. She cries on seeing Arjun inside the OT. Ayaan stops Maya from going on. Maya can’t see Arjun in pain. She requests the doctor to let her meet Arjun once. Arjun silently makes a leave. He has gone to save Saanjh. Maya does not know that he is not in hospital. Ayaan tricks Maya well. Arjun lies to Maya and runs from OT. He traces Saanjh’s location. He saves Saanjh by fighting with the goons. Arjun gets Saanjh back. Maya will not leave them knowing Arjun saved Saanjh.


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