High Five Spoilers

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Anika gets relieved on seeing Shivay. She says I thought something happened to you, our fight was going on in my mind, did you understand what I mean to say. Pinky blames Anika for risking Shivay’s life. Shakti tells Pinky that Shivay’s life got saved because of Anika, whatever the reason. Shivay hugs and consoles Anika.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naira falls down the stairs. Kartik holds her in time. They come in front of each other. She wants to thank him for staying with her family. They have a moment. He compliments her. Ananya tells them why did they act to fight, if they had to patch up so soon. Kartik says who wants to fight, Naira forgot I m from groom’s side. They forget their fight and get lost in the moment. Chilli powder goes in their eyes. They then realize their fight was going in and go their ways.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon:

Chandni has challenged Advay that she will marry Pratham. Advay challenges her that he will stop her from marrying Pratham. Advay gets a marriage invitation card. Chandni gets a shock seeing his madness. She sees her and Advay’s name written in the card. She is afraid that Advay can do anything wrong. Advay wants to fulfill revenge any way, but he does not realize his love is overpowering his hatred. He challenges Chandni that she will marry him. She asks him to remember, she is marrying Pratham. She asks him to stay away and not touch her. Their tashan is going on. Much will be happening till marriage day arrives.


Janmashtami is celebrated in Neil’s house. Neil is very unhappy. He misses Avni. Neil takes Bebe’s blessings. Neil’s sorrow gets observed by Bebe. Bebe prays and is sure that her Lord will make everything fine. Neil is broken after Avni left. His pain comes out in front of Bebe. He tells Bebe that Avni and his relation broke, he wants to get Avni back but she has refused. Neil explains Bebe that Avni is not bad, she is away from him as she wants them to be happy. He knows everything depends on Avni’s decision now. Aman tries to cheer up Avni. He gets happiness for her on the occasion of Raksha bandhan. He gives his first salary cheque to her. Avni happily hugs Aman. Aman did not change and is still revengeful against Avni.

Dhhai Kilo Prem:
Sarika celebrates her birthday. Piyush and Dipika attend the party. Sarika falls in trouble when Guru misbehaves with her. Piyush makes a heroic entry and challenges the goons for a fight. He was trying to impress Sarika. Piyush scares the men. Dipika gets a chance to tease Piyush.


Soumya is getting auctioned by Maharani. Maharani tags her a price. Soumya gets scared when someone fixes her price. Harman finds the agent and beats him, trying to know about Soumya. Harman reaches Soumya and gets a huge shock seeing Soumya caged. Soumya performs with the bar dancers. Harman heroically holds Soumya’s hand in front of Maharani and all the goons. Harman bids for Soumya. He wins the bid and tries to take her from there safely. Soumya refuses to go with Harman. Maharani asks Soumya to go, Harman has bid the biggest amount. Maharani does not identify Harman. Maharani sees Harman and Soumya going.

Piyaa Albela:

Raksha bandhan festival is celebrated. Pooja was upset that she could not meet her brother. She misses him a lot. Naren sees her and gives her a surprise by getting her brother home. Pooja gets much glad. She thinks Naren has fulfilled her promise and made her celebrate rakhi day with her brother. Pooja ties rakhi to her brother. She thanks Naren for fulfilling her wish.


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