Ishita makes a final attempt in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Shagun finds something is wrong. She spies on Ishita. She learns Ruhi is Ishita’s daughter. She doubts on Ishita for having some relation with Bhallas. Shagun does not hear the complete truth. Adi and Ruhi try to limit Ashok from marrying Shagun. Aaliya thinks to take help from inspector to stop Ashok. Ishita tells everyone that even if they pay money to Ashok, he will marry Shagun. She speaks to inspector about Raman’s parole. Inspector asks her to work out her plans soon, else Raman will always be in jail. He asks her plan to stop Shagun and Ashok’s marriage. He reminds her that Shagun’s memory recovery is very important.

Ishita makes a plan to get Shagun ready for marriage, so that she recalls her marriage with Mani. She asks everyone to do arrangements of marriage. She meets Shagun and offers support. Shagun does not know what’s Ishita planning. She plays along to know Ishita’s plan. Ishita convinces Shagun for a court marriage, to remind her of marrying Mani in court. She hopes Shagun will regain her memory. Ishita makes Shagun ready. She prays that Shagun recalls everything, else Shagun may end up marrying Ashok. Ishita takes Shagun to the court. Shagun feels unwell by recalling few bits of past. Everyone wishes Shagun recalls the past. Shagun realizes she has been in similar situation before. Shagun learn the truth that she has married Mani in the court. Ishita pushes Shagun towards recalling her past. Shagun’s mental state gets fragile.


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