Kartik’s crazy plan calls for trouble in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Kartik helps Singhanias in the marriage functions, while Naira impresses Dadi by managing work. Naira does duties of Goenka’s bahu. Naira selects the rings for Kirti and Naksh’s engagement. Manish asks Naira to call Kartik home, as he has some duties towards family too. Naira manages everything and relieves them from stress. Kartik happens to see Naksh’s video, but gets interrupted before watching it. Kartik worries for Naira, who is having many responsibilities. Rajshri realizes Kartik has come with them to fulfill duties. She finds Naira lucky to have such a life partner. She tells him about Naitik and Akshara’s bond which reflects in Kartik and Naira’s relation. He asks him to go and meet Naira. Kartik finds her cool to suggest such things. Kartik thinks to meet Naira and surprise her. Naitik stops Kartik and seeks help.

Naksh tells Yash about Kirti, who is really good hearted. Naksh and Kirti have a chat. He asks her not to take any stress and keep smiling. Kirti gets delighted reading Naksh’s sweet messages. She wants to prove Aditya wrong.


Kartik comes to meet Naira in thief’s disguise. Naira gets alert and beats up the goon. Kartik runs away. Everyone comes to help Naira. Naira tells them about the thief attacking her. Kirti doubts Aditya has breached the security. Naira asks Kirti not to have any fears arising in mind. Everyone asks Naira to take care. The family tries to cheer up Naksh. They wish him luck for his engagement. Kartik and Yash tease Naksh. Kartik asks Baisa to give some time to Kirti till she adjusts with them. He requests Baisa to accept Kirti. Naira and Kartik miss each other.


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